Workshop materials page for the ISEA Workshop #22.

28 JUNE 2024. QUT KELVIN GROVE CAMPUS. BUILDING Z-9, ROOM 307. 10a til ~ 4p

DROP IN’s welcome. We will be in a hackday format, so please feel free to drop in even if you missed the morning.
We will have all materials on site for download or copying, so no need to download ahead of time.

We also have 10 sensors available for distribution if you’d like to go home with one!

A few resources:

The Domestic Light sensor client code

Sensor code IDE and libraries (not required, but if desired the needed the needed arduino IDE and libraries to build the sensor client):

  • esp32 by espressif board file, v 2.0.17 (install using the IDE boards manager)

google drive folder for shared data (currently empty):