I have been thinking about the idea of the ‘distributed’ artwork, where the makers are all across the globe and many have never met, will never meet. I have been thinking about the loneliness of the digital age, where we are so far apart from each other, each represented by a cool circle of digital light on a screen.

I have also been finding beauty in this, that the project allows for a kind of asynchronous togetherness. I look at a screen and think about other places, and how the people in those places are also engaging in this work and trying to figure out what it means to be involved. There is a kind of community in this. I have also been thinking about the sounds that will be uploaded, and how they exist in this liminal digital space, brought to life when someone listens, and I’ve been wondering what kind of sound score is being created by the listeners.

If we knew at any one time who was listening to what, it would always be different, always be in new combinations.