Host a Sensor for Domestic Light?

Would you be interested in hosting a light sensor for Domestic Light? We are actively looking for people in each time zone on earth to host a light sensor package from summer of 2022 through the summer of 2023 for the project.

If you would like to learn more and potentially host a sensor- please read more about what’s involved below and fill out the inquiry form. We will be in touch with more details.

What’s involved as a host: We will send you a small sensor package (about 4cm in diameter) in a translucent plastic housing suitable to sit in a window sill. You’ll need to give it power (5v USB) and give it access to a wifi network.

If you would like to see and play with the light data in real time you will also have the ability to send the real time data to your own computer via OSC (Open Sound Control).

What data is gathered / what would I be sharing ? The sensors are built on an AS7341 multi-spectral light sensor and either a Raspberry Pi 2 W or ESP32-S3 micro-controller. They are housed in a translucent plastic case and will come with a power supply for your country. The sensor will record the color intensity of light in 10 major spectra from ultraviolet to infrared and upload those color data readings to the project database along with an approximate latitude / longitude blurred to a 100+ km accuracy.

How will it be used: That data gathered worldwide will be used to create an animated color “map” showing the color of domestic light as a core part of the project.

In addition, you can elect to share or not share the data beyond the project as part of a project data archive that will available to other researchers and artists on an open source basis. We plan to create an archive of the full data set shared by and with project participants as an open source data set including the color, time, and approximate latitude / longitude information for use in academic and artistic contexts.